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Find Your Path

How long have you been searching for ways to CHANGE?  Weeks, months, years?

NO MORE Waiting to start your journey to find your truth.

I wish I had started this process of self-discovery a long time ago.

– Galina Pitts

I support individuals who are in transition to create long-term sustainable change in their lives. My mission is to provide a safe and powerful place for you to discover the answers you need in order to move forward professionally and personally with purpose and clarity.

Take A Look at Galina’s Coaching Process

  • Are you ready to overcome what is holding you back?
  • Are you ready to create the next purposeful chapter in your life?
  • Are you willing to put your ideas into action?

A little Bit more…

Meet Galina

Learn more about Galina and her passion for transformation.

Success Stories

Learn from others how coaching helped them to get on the

Not Sure If You Are Ready?

Read some common signs you are ready to take the leap:

  1. You cannot stop thinking about your new idea or new job.  This may feel exciting at firt then reality sets in and you feel overwhelmed and depressed
  2. You feel burned out and resentful with your current situation.


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San Francisco, CA 92335


(333) 394-2342


M – F : 8am–5pm

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